My First New York Fashion Week!

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I’m back from New York and more inspired than ever! You guys, never in a million years did I think little ol’ me would be attending New York Fashion Week as a blogger/influencer with Rewardstyle! Blows my mind when I stop and think about it! I will say that due to this being my first time, I was super unorganized and not on top of things at all! I don’t want to sit here and pretend that I knew exactly what I was doing and hopped to every show there was with not a minute to spare!! Hah, not at all – I spent most of the time running around like a little lost puppy! Next year I know what to expect and will make certain that I reach out to PR contacts far in advance!

Here are two questions that I’ve been asked the most since going to NYFW, that I want to go ahead and answer for everyone (because maybe you are wondering as well).

  1. Who can go to NYFW? My answer to this is ANYONE! Truly I mean this! Of course there are certain events that are invite only for members in the fashion industry, but if you are just a fashion loving girl or someone who works in a boutique and want the experience, GO! There are so many things to do and see during that week, and the people watching alone was my favorite. The street style is out of this world!
  2. What is Rewardstyle/ : Here is the exact paragraph found on their website “Rewardstyle is platform-agnostic and has developed content creation, distribution and tracking technology to support content monetization in any channel where an influencer chooses to publish. Integrated social content monetization is only available through rewardStyle’s technology platform.” So basically Rewardstyle is the company and is the technology. This is the way for bloggers/influencers to get paid for their posts. We show you items that we link, and when you click those links and make a purchase, we get “rewarded”. We are actually each working with reps from the company who help us to grow our following, and make more money by posting our looks! Typically influencers on social media are doing this anyway (I was always posting my outfits), but this company with their amazing technology allows influencers to actually make money for doing so!

So let me break down for you kind of what I did! 

The first night here I didn’t do too much, just a quick little walk around the city getting lost with my girl Taylor! We ended up posting up at a pub that we had a really great time at! Just a very low key night before we got started with meetings the next day! That night I wore a  lace high neck tank under my grey suede moto jacket!

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Friday Taylor and I met with another blogger friend of ours, Meghan from @theblondeinpink, at this wonderful spot called The Butcher’s Daughter. It was absolutely amazing food, and I forgot to snap a food pic (amateur blogger) so I stole this pic from their website to show you how cute the spot was! We dined outside with our delicious Matcha Lattes! Definitely make sure to check this spot out!

We then headed off to the Rewardstyle event! Rewardstyle was hosting a fun afternoon meeting and networking event. Bloggers would drop in, network, meet with their Rstyle reps, take fun pictures, and drink a little bubbly! YOU GUYS, can we talk about how much I fangirled?! I honestly felt like I was in a room filled with celebrities, because to me these bloggers are just that. I’ve idolized many of them for years so having them in the same room was so surreal. I am happy to announce that most of them were even more beautiful and so so nice in person! There were a few biotches, not going to lie about that, but that is the 80/20 rule of life, right?! Here are a few pics from the day at the Rewardstyle meeting/party. Thank you Rstyle for sharing these pictures with us to show our followers how amazing every single detail was!

(The floral arrangements were gorge)

(The room was floor to ceiling glass, and the view was unbelievable)

(Like how gorge is this room though?!)

(Of course we need a little champs to build up courage to network, I was downing these, duh!)

(There was a DJ to set the mood, gotta feel those beats!)

(Stairs leading up to the roof where we got to take pics! This is such a powerful statement and honestly is so very true!)

(They took really fun rooftop pics of all the bloggers)

(Jordan @jordanunderwood was one of the nicest I met, I’m legit obsessed with her – her BFF Brittney on the right is such a sweetheart, I am so glad to have met them both!)

(Ummm, how awesome is this! Courtney Kerr was amazing! SO nice)

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After this networking event we headed over to the heart wall! Each town that visits, they paint a heart wall! This one was called “Seeing Hearts”. Of course as it was my turn to photo, the sun came out and blazed down on me (never good for pictures). Here are a few from that shoot that I didn’t hate like the rest of them:



That evening we headed to a quick meeting with Baublebar Jewelry to check out all of the jewelry coming out for fall! Some super cute items! We had some more wine, snagged a cute little gift bag and some free jewels and then headed out to dinner! We had an amazing dinner at an Italian place,  and then headed to a rooftop bar in Brooklyn (it was actually where Nick’s season of the Bachelor was filmed for the rose ceremony where Corinne got sent home)! I experienced my first subway ride on the way there, which was fun/scary but it was one of those things we HAD to do!

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On our last day there, which was Saturday, we basically shopped during the afternoon (I purchased my new Gucci) and had another amazing rooftop brunch at The Refinery Rooftop. These rooftops are just fantastic!! At this restaurant we dined next to a Real Housewife from NYC, so that was entertaining and fun! The food was delicious, and the company was even better. We also spent the afternoon photo’ing some of our outfits, because of course that is why we were there. We didn’t do as well in this category as we should have, so next year we will make sure to photo all of our outfits and get that out of the way!

PC: Refinery Rooftop website

PC: Refinery Rooftop website

Shop my outfit by clicking the pictures below

My newest baby – Which you can take a peek at here! 


Later that night was the Rewardstyle rooftop party at La Sirena Ristorante which was absolutely gorge! Every blogger who is part of Rstyle was there, so it was amazing to say the least! It really is the weirdest thing to know so much about these girls through social media, which makes you feel as if you know them, but in fact you’ve never met them before! It was so intimidating being in a room filled with the most fashionable and beautiful girls ever, but it was literally BUCKET LIST worthy! What a great time! Thanks again Rstyle for all of the pictures!

(Got to meet Caila Quinn from the Bachelor – she is seriously SO FREAKING sweet!)

(If you don’t follow Jen from @interiordesignerella you need to, she is one of my favorites to follow right now! Her outfits are always on point)

(Melissa from @ellabrooksblog is all around goals – I am obsessed with her feed and can relate a lot to her since she is also a mommy. Her style is very similar to what I like so I adore following her! Was so excited to meet her!)

(Is Destiny from @dthompsy not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. She is even more stunning IRL – a true beauty inside and out!)

(The quality of this picture sucks, but these two right here are HANDS down two of my favorites that I’ve met on this so called “blogging” journey. Both from Texas, Jen from @thesisterstudioig and Sue from @thesuestylefile are as real and true as they get! They both have amazing style, both mommies, and both all around just down to earth nice girls! Make sure to follow them!)

(My SQUAD: these are friendships that I will now have for the rest of my life. I am so very lucky to have met these girls, all on the same journey I am currently with blogging. Slowly but surely we are growing our businesses, and will be there for one another every step of the way! Make sure to follow my girls: Taylor @taymbrown, Megan @pinebarrenbeauty, Meghan @theblondeinpink, Jen @redwhiteanddenim, and Michelle @mrs.simplylovely)

Shop my outfit by clicking the pictures below


I am already counting down the days until next year, and knowing what I know now, I better get to planning!



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