9 Years of Marriage

On a very hot day 9 years ago, I married my best friend. The AC was broken in our church as we packed in nearly 300 people, but we didn’t care because we became one! We were two young ducks, let me tell you! We got married BP (before Pinterest), and all of my proofs were handed to me in a box, not an instant download file. That just makes me chuckle, I had to scan them to a computer like the stone ages. Now-a-days, all of you brides have these amazing instant videos 2 hours after your wedding! Perhaps I need to contact our photographer and see if they still have our pictures so I can get them in a file online, because these things are grainy as all get out! Regardless of the quality I am getting ready to show you, it is fun to look back!

 At our wedding, we had chair covers with brown sashes just in case you were wondering, and THAT was the “hot” thing. Our dance floor was packed the entire time, with the greatest friends and family ever! Being young helped with that I’m sure, as we were fresh out of college so we all still knew how to get down 🙂 My dress was ball gown style, very Cinderella like. I seriously sometimes feel like I am looking at my moms wedding photos when I look at these (no offense mom). We danced our first dance to Keith Urban’s “Making Memories of Us”. It still gives me butterflies when I hear it on the radio, and it always plays at the perfect time!

Random fun fact: Did you know that my flower girl Grace, was also our website model and worked in our warehouse recently! She is now grown and OH SO beautiful! Look how tiny she is here! 

(This makes me feel old you guys)

As many of you may know, marriage is work! I think sometimes I see so many couples rushing into marriage because of PINTEREST – they just want the wedding! Everything is focused on the details of getting married, and the glamour of the wedding, and not actually focused on the marriage itself. I am here to tell you, 9 years in, marriage is freaking hard WORK! Then once you add in kids, businesses, and bills, there can be a lot of added stress! You have to wake up every single day wanting to love the person you married (even when they leave the toliet seat up or have their long hair all over the bathroom floor). I can’t sit here and tell you that all 9 years have been the most perfect fairy tale love story you’ve ever heard. But I can sit here and tell you that we have fought for our marriage every single day, and it has been so very worth it!

Ross, today and everyday, I thank you for putting up with me! I am no easy task, and I know this. My coffee tastes better because of you, my Mt. Dew has the perfect amount of crushed ice because of you, and I actually have somewhat of a healthy diet because you cook for me! You help with the dishes, do laundry, help with the kids, and never complain! You support my 900 jobs and are always in my corner as my biggest cheerleader! I am so very lucky to have you as a partner in this life! I spent the last 3 days without you and I was LOST!! I am excited to spend many more years to come as your wife, and excited to see that head of hair on you turn gray (love me some salt and pepper). I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as I’ll love you tomorrow <3






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