My CBD Experience

This past summer I started my journey with CBD, and I am so happy that I did. I was on a trip with a few girlfriends and we started venting about 2020: the stress, the anxiety, etc. After explaining that I just wasn’t feeling like myself they recommended Equilibria. I got home from my trip, researched and now I’ve been taking it for almost 8 months! I’ve shared this many times with you all on my Instagram stories, but I thought putting all of this in a blog post would be beneficial to reference back! Click here to watch my highlight on Instagram.

I’m pretty certain I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life, but I didn’t understand that it was anxiety. Like anyone else I would blame my feelings/mood on stress, lack of sleep, being a mom – anything other than acknowledging I had a problem on dealing with all of these life triggers. I’m also not against taking actual medicine for anxiety but I’ve heard horror stories from friends. I figured, what do I have to lose by giving this a try?

I love so many things about my CBD, but one thing I love most about Equilibria is that this product is designed by women, for women. Our bodies aren’t the same as men, and we deserve a product that understands all of that!

Before I continue explaining what I use, I want to note that I am not a medical professional and always recommend running things past your doctor. My CBD does contain the federally legal limit of less than 0.3% THC. If you are routinely drug tested, please make sure you do research before starting CBD.

The products I take

It is important to note that taking things regularly vs. as needed will help them work better. When taken daily at a regular time, the CBD will be most effective as it’s building up in your body over time. This is also a great area on their website to check out a lot of FAQs

Daily soft gels: I take these each morning (some take them at night). I’ve found that these work best for me during the day time as they are a slow release product.

Daily drops: I take this at night before bed. This is perfect for fast acting results. It truly helps my brain shut down at night, and I’m able to stop my worrying and thinking and fall asleep. I take 1.25ML (please make sure you work with a dosing specialist on the website to figure out your dosage amount). *Note: they have flavors and some that aren’t flavored. I’ve loved all of the flavors! They have some new ones out right now that I ordered to try!

Relief cream: I don’t use this daily but I 100% use this whenever I have any sort of pain. It helps me so much with back pain and cramps during my cycle. I can’t recommend this enough, I absolutely love it!

These products do not make me feel “high” they simply help me navigate my life while feeling more calm. I can explain it best by saying I feel like an elephant is no longer sitting on my chest after I’ve taken my daily dose. I’m chilled, more relaxed, and I don’t snap about things as much as I did before.

If you are feeling any sort of anxiety, pain, or even having a hard time sleeping at night I highly recommend giving this a try. As mentioned, consult a doctor first and then make sure to chat with one of their dosage specialist.

To order you just head to their website. I have a code “Jenagreen” which will save you 15% off. You can shop all of this individually or they have signature boxes too! I ordered the mint balance box when I first started, it was a great starting point for me! They also offer a subscription service which comes with a lot of benefits! You will save 20% off retail price and automatic delivery to your door every 4 weeks.

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Wishing you the best of luck in your journey with CBD – as always feel free to message me with any questions!



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