My review of the amazing Billie Razor

Alright ladies it’s time to talk about something we all HATE doing! SHAVING! I don’t know about you but I literally hate shaving. I don’t like the process (my legs are super long) and I hate that right after shaving I step in to some air conditioning and bam, hair is back. About 5-6 weeks ago I noticed a lot of hype around the Billie Razor. Everyone I followed was talking about it, so much so that I couldn’t get away from it. I would scroll on Facebook and there she be. I shared on my recent Instagram post that I am a very skeptical shopper. When I see so many people talking about something I often question, “does it really work”. So, I signed up and had to see what all the fuss is about. I like to use things for awhile before giving you my my review and I must say I’M OBSESSED! It’s not just about the razor and the amazing shave (I mean that is one of the best parts) but it is a wonderful company that gives back and is very inclusive of all women, and it’s a subscription service that arrives to your door step for only $9 you guys!!! I am all about anything that can help me stay on top of life!

One thing I really admire about the Billie brand is that they are a female first company. Their belief that women not only desire the same quality as men when it comes to shaving, but that it should also be available at an affordable rate. As I mentioned previously, they donate 1% of all revenue to to women’s causes around the world. You can read more about the brand and their mission here.

For $9, you will order the starter kit which gets you the  sleek, affordable razor, with five ultra-sharp, aloe-encased blades – and you can select the color of your choice. You will also get the magnetic holder (which is so awesome to have in the shower) and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Ongoing they’ll send you four replacement cartridges whenever you need them (you decide how soon etc). Oh and did I mention FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS?! From there you can add on all the goodies. If you have to get ONE THING, make it the shaving cream. I’m not sure what kind of magical fairy dust is in this shaving cream, but paired with the razor my legs have never been softer! You can do a one time purchase of that or include it to come with your razor heads in the upcoming months!

Alright ladies, what are you waiting for?! A smoother shave is in your future, order and get to gettin’! Prickly legs be gone!



*Thank you Billie for partnering with me on this post*

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