Happy Wednesday! If your kiddos started back to school or you are in the thick of getting everything organized for them to head back, I hope all is going well! That can certainly be a hectic week!

There is an amazing sale that is going on right now that I wanted to make sure you all didn’t miss. Colleen Rothschild, who has some of the BEST SKIN CARE in the industry, has a 25% off sale going on right now on their best sellers with code BEST25. Four of my absolute faves that I use for my night time skin regimen are on sale and I’m so excited to share with you all so you can try them!

Radiant Cleansing Balm: SO SO GOOD! This is amazing for cleansing the skin gently. I use it at night to take my make up off! It’s the first thing I do. I apply right to dry skin and scrub all over my face (eye make up included). I then rinse with warm water and wipe with this amazing soft rag. Leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and it doesn’t dry my out at all!

Intense Hydrating Mask: this is the absolute best thing you could ever put on your skin if you have dry skin! I typically cake it on and let it sit for 15 mins and then rinse with warm water. Some people will use it while traveling on an airplane (they lather their face while on the plane to help their skin stay hydrated) and some sleep in it! You can truly use it as you see fit, but all I know is that this is so helpful for dry skin!!

Retinol Supreme Eye Serum: the retinol creams from Colleen Rothschild are newer to her line, and they are my fave! They are some of the only retinol serums I’ve tried that don’t irritate my skin and break me out in a dry red patch! I use this almost every night by gently patting it in to my eye (around the bone area). It has helped to brighten my undereye and also smooth my fine lines and wrinkles.

Retinol Supreme Night Oil: here is the other retinol item I use from the line. This is more of an oil vs. a serum! A little goes a very long way. I typically do about 3-4 drops and rub this on immediately after cleansing my face. I do not apply any type of nightly moisturizer until this has completely soaked in to my skin! This will help improve your overall skin color (helps with discolorations) and is packed full with Vitamin C which is SO GOOD for your skin!

Those are my favorite 4 products and they all go in hand in hand with one another! I use in this order: my Radiant Cleansing Balm, then use the Hydrating Mask (for 15 minutes), rinse with warm water and then apply my Supreme Oil and my Eye Serum. After all of that I do my night face cream. So many steps, but so worth it. Your skin will feel brand new! Don’t forget to enter code BEST25 at check out to save on these best sellers! Also make sure to read reviews, people are RAVING about all of Colleen Rothschild products!

Hope you enjoyed learning about my skin care routine! Cheers to hydrated and beautiful skin my friends!



*Thank you Colleen Rothschild for partnering with me on this post. All opinions, reviews, and directions of use are all my own*

Runnnnnnn – what an epic sale Victoria Emerson is having! I usually stock up when they have sales this great. Right now for only a short time their entire site is BOGO free! I know I’ve said it before but I absolutely love their bracelets! They are very unique and easy to throw on and totally dress up your arm. The easiest “arm party” you’ve ever worn without actually having to layer on the individual bracelets. I do recommend if you have extremely tiny wrists to go with a wrap bracelet as those will fit the tightest! The boho cuffs are magnetic (super easy to get on and off) but they do fit looser. I have super tiny wrists and they still fit me perfect! These go super quick during the sale, so don’t wait!!



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Happy Monday friends! I am in full closet clean out mode gearing up for back to school next week. Mama has to be organized before I can stay organized for my kiddos.

I wanted to share with you some amazing pieces I recently grabbed from White House Black Market. To be honest, I haven’t really shopped here since I had an office job, since my day to day wear is mostly graphic tees and distressed denim. Their new fall collection just launched and I really loved some of their outwear pieces (I am obsessed with this snake print moto jacket)! If you follow me closely, you know that I love jackets and blazers! I feel like they are so awesome to have in your wardrobe as you can wear to the office or dress down with jeans and wear for a night out! I paired all of these jackets with a white tank and denim, but you can obviously wear graphic tees, or even wear these over tighter fitting body-con dresses (my fave look). For reference I am wearing a size small/4 in all of the jackets/tops below, and a size 27 denim.

Hope you enjoyed my styling of these outerwear pieces! These will be go to staples in your closet as they are so versatile!



*Thank you White House Black Market for partnering with me on this post. All styling and opinions are my own*

Golden Goose sneakers are an addiction! If you don’t own a pair you may be thinking these used looking sneakers are ugly and over priced, and I can’t believe people pay premium prices for them. Quite frankly, I think the price for these is absurd, but I got sucked in with my first pair. I bought my first pair on Black Friday and got them at a good price, but like any designer piece, once you have “one” you quickly want “more”. Once you have a pair and you wear them you realize that the Italian leather and comfort is legit!! This is where I come in on a little tip I want to give you … BUY THEM ON EBAY! I always turn to eBay to look for my designer deals, and I’m never let down. From authenticated designer bags, to designer shades, to designer jewelry and Golden Goose sneakers, you can locate some serious great deals. You don’t necessarily have to buy things used or on auction on eBay either, a lot of the items being sold are brand new! I really like utilizing all filters when searching for the designer pieces I need!

Golden Goose sneakers are always hard to find and sell out super quick! I recommend if there is a pair on a retailer site you love, take the name or style number and search is on eBay. Most times you will find some brand new pieces that you can buy now (at a cheaper price) OR you will find some gently used sneakers half the price! For reference I usually wear a size 9 and do a size 39 in my Golden Goose sneakers and they fit perfectly!

How cute are these sequin sneakers with the pop of neon!

Hope you enjoyed learning more about Golden Goose sneakers and shopping for designer goodies on eBay! Don’t forget to check out all the amazing daily deals on eBay while you are sneaker searching!



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Alright ladies it’s time to talk about something we all HATE doing! SHAVING! I don’t know about you but I literally hate shaving. I don’t like the process (my legs are super long) and I hate that right after shaving I step in to some air conditioning and bam, hair is back. About 5-6 weeks ago I noticed a lot of hype around the Billie Razor. Everyone I followed was talking about it, so much so that I couldn’t get away from it. I would scroll on Facebook and there she be. I shared on my recent Instagram post that I am a very skeptical shopper. When I see so many people talking about something I often question, “does it really work”. So, I signed up and had to see what all the fuss is about. I like to use things for awhile before giving you my my review and I must say I’M OBSESSED! It’s not just about the razor and the amazing shave (I mean that is one of the best parts) but it is a wonderful company that gives back and is very inclusive of all women, and it’s a subscription service that arrives to your door step for only $9 you guys!!! I am all about anything that can help me stay on top of life!

One thing I really admire about the Billie brand is that they are a female first company. Their belief that women not only desire the same quality as men when it comes to shaving, but that it should also be available at an affordable rate. As I mentioned previously, they donate 1% of all revenue to to women’s causes around the world. You can read more about the brand and their mission here.

For $9, you will order the starter kit which gets you the ¬†sleek, affordable¬†razor, with five ultra-sharp, aloe-encased blades – and you can select the color of your choice. You will also get the magnetic holder (which is so awesome to have in the shower) and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Ongoing they’ll send you four replacement cartridges whenever you need them (you decide how soon etc). Oh and did I mention FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS?! From there you can add on all the goodies. If you have to get ONE THING, make it the shaving cream. I’m not sure what kind of magical fairy dust is in this shaving cream, but paired with the razor my legs have never been softer! You can do a one time purchase of that or include it to come with your razor heads in the upcoming months!

Alright ladies, what are you waiting for?! A smoother shave is in your future, order and get to gettin’! Prickly legs be gone!



*Thank you Billie for partnering with me on this post*