Happy Sunday! I am headed off to Christmas number 1 today and I couldn’t be more excited! I love seeing family this time of year. We laugh, we play games, we go to an amazing church service, and we all just unplug from our phones and enjoy one another! I like to dress casual for my holiday gatherings but I typically always tend to go for black denim and booties to dress up my look. Believe it or not, these adorable black high waisted jeggings are from Walmart, and under $20! They run very TTS and are extremely stretchy, I am wearing my usual size 5. Casual style that still looks a smidge dressed up is how I like to roll. I also think that when people think of a holiday gathering they immediately think you have to wear “red or green” this time of year. I believe that whatever makes you feel your best is what you should wear. I love wearing mostly black – it is chic, and also child proof from spills haha!

I also grabbed this grey cardigan and this leopard purse from Walmart too! Sadly it appears my cardigan is now sold out online, but I am linking this style here which is very similar to mine. I am obsessed with finding quality pieces for a great price! Especially this time of year, we are spending money on gifts for others and it can be hard to justify a new outfit for yourself for a holiday gathering, BUT I assure you it can be done still looking super trendy with a reasonable price tag! Like this leopard bag for instance, which looks designer but is under $20!! It has a longer strap so it can be worn as a cross body or held as more of a satchel. It’s a furry leopard (love the colorings) and looks adorable with the added scarf.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this casual chic look with Walmart. There are so many great items on their website and in stores so make sure to take a peek! Don’t forget you can also find designer items on there as well, like this pair of shoes which are similar to mine. They truly have style for every budget and free shipping over $35!

Happy Holidays everyone!



*Thank you Walmart for partnering with me on this post! All style tips, outfit pairings, ideas and opinions are my own.

Tis the season to sparkle! With New Years Eve right around the corner it is time to start the outfit planning process to ring in the new year! Sadly, my social life is pretty lack luster #momlife and my night out consists of dinner with friends and home by midnight! I still love to dress up and sparkle though! I just won’t be attending those raging hotel parties like I once did! Regardless, there is fashion out there for all of us!

I love to bargain shop and find the best deal and the quickest way to get it to my house. I am impatient by nature and love shopping places that offer FAST shipping. I’m a pretty last minute hot mess mom type as you all know, so things have to be quick. I knew I wanted to dress casual this NYE and I had a vision of an off the shoulder, boxy style, sequin top. So I took to Ebay of course, one of my favorite places to shop! I love finding items on Ebay for this very reason because there are so many items to shop and their shipping is quick! Did you know that majority of their products ship for free under 2 days! All you have to do is search for what you are looking for (I searched “sequin top”) and then use the filters! That is how I found this adorable top – offered in multiple colors. There are so many different ways to style it depending on where you are headed! This sequin top is brand new and under $20, that is a steal! This item was listed as new, which 80% of the items being listed are new! I guess it is pretty cool to see how Ebay has evolved over the years from strictly reselling used items to incorporating a lot of new merchandise!

Here are 3 ways to style your sequin top for New Years Eve

  1. Sequin top & denim: I am a denim lover by nature so this is how I plan to wear my top out on NYE. Wear it under a leather jacket, or throw it off your shoulder, the sequins will speak for themselves and steal the show.
  2. Sequin top & black leather leggings: Love the texture mixing happening here. If you need to be a little more on the dressy side, but still want comfort these leggings are for you! Also looks great with a blazer paired over it too!
  3. Sequin top & leather skirt: Just another option to dress up the top! So many great leather skirt options you can find on Ebay to accomplish this look! I am loving this one!

I hope you enjoyed how I styled my sequin top from Ebay and the other ways I suggested you could style yours! I am wearing a medium (I sized up to be able to wear it more off the shoulder and truly could have done a large to make it a smidge bigger). While shopping don’t forget to check out the daily deals, so many awesome items you can snag with all of your Christmas money headed your way from Santa! Let me know if you have any additional questions, I am happy to help!



Thank you Ebay for partnering with me on this post. All ideas and opinions are my own!

Happy Sunday babes! I am running around like a crazy person finishing up some last minute Christmas shopping today, and regretting that I wait until the last minute (like always). I am someone who likes to throw on a ball cap, my leggings and a comfy pair of shoes when running errands but still look cute while doing it. Nothing is worse too than wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes and having your feet hurt when you are out and about walking a ton! That is why I am obsessed with these Adidas UltraBOOST 4.0 Running Shoes from Finishline.com! There are many colors to choose from but I was immediately attracted to this pair because of the blush detailing! They are seriously the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. There is a boost foam cushioning which literally makes you feel like you are walking on clouds and they are so light weight too! I am usually an 8.5 or 9 in my running shoes and I did the size 9 in these and they fit like a glove (so I would say they are TTS). You all know I am a deal chaser but when it comes to sneakers I like to invest in a quality pair that will protect your foot, and last you a long time! My go to pair always tends to be an awesome pair of Adidas shoes! Also, they are so adorable and pair so nicely with that athleisure errand running look I was going for!

I am linking a few other awesome selections for working out and errand running below! I love finding quality items that are stylish and comfortable and there are so many great selections at Finishline.com

Thank you for stopping by to read my post and thank you to Finish Line and Adidas for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts are my own!




3 weeks until Christmas! How is that even possible?! Last month was insane you guys! Thank you all so much for supporting my blog and listening to my recommendations. Your sweet messages and encouraging words mean so much to me! I wanted to round up my top 10 best sellers from last month – many of which would make excellent last minute gifts! Please message me if you have any questions about any of these! Also, please don’t forget to tag me on stories with your items, and also hashtag #jenamademedoit with your posts!

November Top 10

10. Lace front tank: $13.99 and prime, how can you beat that!? The perfect “sexy” that you need! I love layering with this tank and it comes in multiple colors. It does run TTS I did a small!

9. Camo leggings: These have made the top 10 two months in row and that is because they’ve been on major sale and are such great leggings. They are high waisted, and very light on the body! Highly recommend these – I wear a size small and this is the green color.

8. Fur wedge sneaker: Obsessed with these and own them in both colors. Very light weight on the foot but they do run small so size up!

7. Fur lined sneaker: these are a designer dupe and so cute on! Very good quality and run TTS! I love how you can flip the front tongue of the shoe up or down! Currently on sale!

6. Pearl designer dupe belt: two months in a row this makes the top 10 list! Its a beautiful belt, great quality and looks exact to the actual belt. I highly recommend this one as well!

5. Leopard shearling boot: these are pretty picked over now in regards to sizing but make sure to watch for them in case they restock. So warm and so cute! They are a great dupe to the Ugg boot, and of course they are leopard so whats not to like?! I did my normal size in these and would say they run TTS!

4. Leopard apple watch band: still a popular one and probably will be for awhile because its affordable (only $11.99) and its SO CUTE! This would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for someone! It does come sized, I did a size small/medium for my wrist and it fits great with loads of room left.

3. Camo sherpa zip up: this one is so soft but does run small! Not many sizes left, but if you see one at your local store make sure to grab it! Only $10 you guys!!

2. Fuzzy hooded sweatshirt: can’t say enough great things about this. Its a great price, PRIME, and so soft and cozy! Loads of colors to choose from and I suggest sizing up!

  1. Blue lense glasses: these are adorable and only $19.90 prime! Mine are the leopard print of course haha! Very light weight and comfortable on the face, and they do what they say they do! They come in a few different colors as well!

    That wraps up the Top 10 best sellers from my blog/Instagram for the month of November! Hope you all enjoy the recaps! Again, I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and listen to my recommendations! Happy Christmas shopping!





My favorite time of year is giving and receiving holiday cards from family and friends! I hate to say it but I am typically always behind getting my cards out. Life gets so busy and I forget. I’m always so good about getting my family pictures taken, but always drop the ball on the holiday cards. Not this year!! I am on top of it and already sending out my cards thanks to Walmart! I ordered the cutest cards at a very reasonable price, and they arrived so quick! I love the quality of the card I selected, and how the card I picked out is double sided so I can fit all of my family pictures (it is always so hard to pick just one, haha)! I also ordered my envelopes with our return address which definitely helps me speed up the process of getting them sent out!

There are so many different styles to shop! If you are someone that might not get them all out before Christmas there are so many awesome New Year options, or even just general Happy Holiday options too!

Ordering was so easy! You are able to place your pictures and all of your wording on the card and do a preview of what it will look like! That was so helpful for me so I made certain I had it just right!

Here are some of my favorites I’ve selected from their site! Highly recommend the quality is great!


Thank you Walmart for partnering with me on this post! I selected the card on my own and all thoughts and opinions are my own as well!