You’ve waited oh so patiently and the time has come, YOU CAN NOW SHOP PUBLIC ACCESS as of 11:30am CST this morning! The bad news is that a lot of the “hot” items are still out of stock! The good news is that I am stalking all of them and will let you know the minute I see them all back in stock!

Before we continue, wanting to give you the link to my previous blog posts to check out as well (loads of info on those and try on pics etc:

I’ve rounded up some of the items still in stock that I own, or some that I like that are definitely worth checking out! (just click the picture on the collage of the items you wish to shop).

Some great items still in stock above. Both styles of my t-shirts are still in stock. While I know they are just tees, it is always a good time to stock up on good fitting ones! That Northface pullover is a good one to check out!

Fave white tee and leather jacket I purchased both still in stock! I size up to a medium white tee and did a size small jacket.
So many ways to wear the jacket! Dress it up or dress it down!
Of course lets not forget about this beauty right here. Definitely a splurge but one well worth it! I did a size small!
These babies are back in stock but not for long! Get your normal true size they are so comfy!!
Spanx Faux Leather leggings are still in stock! These are great to grab on sale and wear dressed up or dressed down for fall. I wear a size small!

While my snake skin perforated booties look to be out of stock (stalking for a restock) these two color options are still available. I HIGHLY recommend that check out this pair for a great transitional bootie!

STILL IN STOCK! GET THESE BOOTS! I loveeeee the weathered look, and you will wear these all fall/winter! TTS, if you wear super super thick socks I would probably go up a half size, but I purchased my normal size!
Cardigans and denim still in stock! Size up in the dad jeans! Wearing small cardigans!
This jacket is still in stock and such a great
price! $51 during the sale!
If you haven’t grabbed this lip combo yet you MUST! I did the nude, and I just popped into a Mac and they told me this color was exclusive for the sale! Meaning, I love it so much I hopped on now and bought more!!
I have my eye on these cute booties! This color is pretty picked over now, but I loveeeee them! They come in snake print and black too!

So many awesome designer splurge pieces still in stock to check out!

I’m going to continue adding to this post all day as I find some awesome in stock items so if you are reading this now, check back as the sale gets closer!



Yay its finally Friday and all of you card members can FINALLY SHOP!!

If you missed my preview blog post make sure you take a look so you can see my round up of faves and explaining the sale! This one I thought I’d go over what I bought, why I loved it, and what I disliked and passed on!


Umm, the entire store. This isn’t a joke, I came home with a lot. Majority of my purchases were jackets and shoes! Holy moly is she shoe collection epic this year. The jacket options are amazing too!

Jacket – size small
Tee – size medium
Jeans – size down an entire size ( I did a 26)
Booties – true to size

If the military look isn’t your thing, this is the same body style
This jacket is definitely a splurge! I ended up buying it because its so unique. I did a size small.
Love these perforated booties! Super comfortable! I bought these in a size 9.
GET THESE BOOTS! I loveeeee the weathered look, and you will wear these all fall/winter! TTS, if you wear super super thick socks I would probably go up a half size, but I purchased my normal size!
See how adorable the boots are with sweaters!!
Sweater is a size small
Jeans are SO SO good!! Super stretchy but size down!
Boots are tts

Boots also look so cute with a black hat and leather jacket! This leather jacket was my fave of all of them! Its super soft and I bought a small. This tee is $11 and I sized up to a medium! THESE JEANS are from Abercrombie and currently on sale, highly recommend them (they are tts).

I purchased the white/grey version in an XS. SIZE DOWN, they are big. If you like to layer do your normal size. I loved both but could only pick one and I felt like the black reminded me of my Northface!

I splurged, not even going to lie. The sale price is hard to pass. Originally I was going to wait, but once the try on began and I was hot and sweaty I said to myself, “Self, you work hard, get the watch”. So I did and I’m so happy! Comes in gold too 🙂

This thermal is Free People comes in multiple colors! I did a size small and love it!! Make sure to grab a hat too, I’m in a small!

The shoes are so good this year! I purchased all but the slip ons with the snake print on back! I loved them but had to narrow down and I loved others more (feel like I can find those for my boutique).
*Tan bootie is TTS
*Leopard slide on mule go up an entire size ( I did a 10)
*Snake print flats SO COMFY and tts
*Perforated snake print booties tts
This jacket is so cool! Camo and star print! Its pricier but so worth it! Inner fleece lining, removable hood, runs tts I did a small!
These sunnies are only $39, edgy and fun!
I got this jacket and love it! Super soft and stretchy! Has stud details on the sleeve. Love this color its very versatile! These jeans are super high waisted and its a nice clean black jean! Reviews on site say size up, but I did my normal size 28 (what I wear in Topshop)
I grabbed this style Patagonia in a size small. There are a few other styles but I loved this one best!
This jacket is so soft!!! Comes in 3 colors I did a size small! Highly recommend, has great stretch too! I would do your normal size! $64 during the sale which is a great price!
I bought both colors of this Topshop cardi – I did a size small. It is definitely more of an oversized fit. It is on sale for $44 down from $68 during the sale!
This wrap sweater is under $40 and fits great! Comes in other colors! Looks really good with high waisted skirts! I’m wearing a size small.
Hands down one of my favorite little surprises from the sale! Love this square neck sweater tank! Only $29 – comes in 2 colors! I did a size small
I bought this bag which I love! The inside is leopard! Perfect for travel
If you miss out on the weekender bag on sale at Nordy, you can grab it HERE 15% off by entering your email address. Plus you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING! This leopard blouse is marked down to $31 and I’m in a small. There is also a plaid print and some solid colors too!
Menswear plaid is my jam! Grabbed this plaid blazer in a size 6. Plan to style with graphic tees!
Some athletic looks! These are all Zella leggings! I love Zella leggings but this year spent my budget on jackets and shoes! I am a small in all 3 of these, and did a medium sports bra top! Left pair of Adidas run SUPER big, size an entire size down. Right pair of Adidas are more TTS. White tee on the left is a size small, the Zella tank on the right is too short for my body!
Bought this sweatshirt in a size small, its super soft inside. These leggings are Zella leggings which are my favorite! I do a size small. Sneakers run big so size down a half size.
This sweater is super soft and $49 during the sale (down from $79). I am wearing a size small.
These jeans you need to make sure and size down they are super stretchy! They have an elastic waistband! I did a size 2. The mules are super comfy but make sure to size up an entire size.

**Will continue adding looks here as the sale goes on so it is all in one spot when public access is live! Make sure to watch my IG stories as I will make sure to tell you when things are back in stock!



(shop the items below – you can head to site and see prices but won’t be able to add to your cart until the sale starts)

I can’t even believe the time has come and I am sitting here writing this blog post! It feels like JUST YESTERDAY that I was posting about this epic sale! Where has the year gone?! If you are new to following me or have no idea what this sale is, hold on to your wallet (or should I say Nordstrom card) because it is AMAZING! You will get major deals on the best brands and the hottest trends during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Catalog has released, and I am already spotting some faves! This isn’t your average “end of year”, “clearance” or “liquidation” type of sale. This is a sale where new arrivals are discounted, and these are amazing pieces to help kick off your fall wardrobe! Now I know what you are thinking, its blazing hot out and you don’t even want to think about fall clothes and pumpkin spice lattes! I get it, I do. However, this sale is an amazing way to save some major cash on items you will buy in the fall anyways!! TREND ALERT: still seeing a ton of animal prints (not just leopard a mix of zebra and snake print is huge), lots of plaid and loads of utilitarian style jackets.

Download a clickable version of the catalog HERE


LOADS AND LOADS of try on sessions! I will try it all on, round up my faves, and show you the things you need AND the things you don’t need! No, but for real, I really did mean that last portion, haha! Not certain yet when my first posts will go live! I am shopping the sale several days early before the card member access begins, so I will be sharing sneak peeks of my try on session so you are ready to go. NOTE** It appears that the sale starts at 12:30pm EST this year vs. am! I first thought this was a typo but I’m sure based on all of the issues last year in the middle of the night, they have items going live during the day for a reason! I will also have a tab dedicated specifically to the sale on my blog, and of course pictures of me wearing the items styled!


As a reminder, the sale starts on Thursday July 11th online for Icons and Ambassadors (you would have received an email or flyer if that’s you), and Friday July 12th for card holders. The sale will then open up to the public on July 19th and run through August 4th. This is one of the busiest sales of the year, so if you happen to be a level 4 card holder take advantage of the early shopping as you get to shop early on July 11th! Otherwise, the BEST thing to do is shop my direct links and organized categories, and if you live near a Nordstrom select in-store pick up! I personally do not live near a Nordstrom, so ordering online as a card holder EARLY is key! The stores do tend to become overly crowded and picked over, so shopping online you will find the best selection of course! Prices go back up on August 5th.

Important dates to mark down on your calendar:

How can I get early access?

Become a card holder! Don’t roll your eyes, you aren’t signing your life away. You can buy all the goods so stuff won’t sell out, and then pay it off and close it! Apply here There are two types of cards that Nordstrom offers: the retail or the Visa Signature card. There are additional perks with the Visa card, but if approved, you can instantly start shopping with either one! I love the benefits I get with having my Nordstrom credit card!

Top tips to shop the sale

  1. Apply for a card so you can shop early access! Unfortunately some of the hot items go super quick and they are never restocked. Your best bet of getting what you want would be to open a card, shop early, and then cancel it if your little heart desires! I personally love using my card because I’ll earn SO MANY Nordstrom notes! In the past you just had to have a card to shop (didn’t have to use it to check out) but I’ve heard this year that you do have to use your card to check out!
  2. BUY IT IF YOU LOVE IT! Things sell so quick, you get free shipping and free returns with Nordstrom so there is absolutely no reason not to snag up the items you love!
  3. Shop online for the best selection! Items in the store sell super fast and some Nordstroms don’t get all of the merchandise. Shop using my links and pick up in store <3
  4. Buy designer items that are never on sale! I typically spend my money on outerwear, denim, shoes and handbags during this sale. Can’t forget those darn barefoot dreams items too, those are magical!
  5. Do your double points day on the day you plan to spend the most! I usually always spend the most the first day I go shopping in store during the pre sale! I make sure to schedule my double points day for that day because I’ll earn soooo many Nordstrom notes (which are basically like giftcards #freemoney).
  6. Utilize the app! All of my try on sessions, collages, selfies etc will be in the app FIRST! You can save whatever you’d like in your own personal “wishlist” and also shop by item. Lets say you want to shop everything all bloggers are posting – you would just search “Nordstrom Anniversary Sale” in the app and soooooo many goodies will pop up! To follow me and download the app click here.
  7. SUPPORT THAT BLOGGER! What I mean by that is simple – the amount of hours we put in to this sale is crazy. If you are watching a bloggers try on session, swipe up and purchase the items from “her” and check out. It’s FREE SHIPPING and she deserves the credit for showing you that item. If you keep watching everyones stories and add a crap load to cart, and then check out after watching the 16th blogger on IG, “that girl” gets all the credit. I’m just trying to be as transparent as possible! Yes we work hard, yes we make a little commission off your purchases of these items, and it means the world to me when you support me! BUT I love my blogger babes in this community, and we all deserve the love and support ya feel me?!
  8. GET EXCITED! I know for some following every blogger for the next month all talking about this sale can get annoying (trust me, I know). But please know we all pour our heart and souls into this sale and try to make it as easy as possible for our followers! Not to mention, this is the most epic sale of the year and so fun to follow along and see how every blogger styles her picks!

Now a peek at what I’m loving …

*You can click an item below on the collages and it will take you to the website! You will be able to see price but won’t be able to add to cart until the sale starts during early access. I will continue adding here so make sure to bookmark this page*

Denim I’m personally loving

Barefoot Dreams items go quick!

Misc. bags, beauty products & accessories I love

So many awesome jackets this year!

Booties galore – LOTS of animal print!

Sweaters I’m loving

Some little girl items I love – I usually grab my kiddos some Tucker & Tate items and then anything that is unique you can’t get other places (like that adorable Adidas sweatshirt).

Im predicting these will sell out fast they are only $59 and adorable!

Other sneakers I’m loving

Some of the flats from the sale

Adorable loungwear – and everyone needs a satin pillow case!

Blazers galore – are you noticing a trend?! LOTS OF PLAID!

Bundle up! There are coats for the classic girl or the trendy girl! Personally LOVING that star trench!

I’ll be back on and will continue adding to this area so check back! If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask!



Hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! I will be updating this sale list as I find them, or as they change (if they do).

Abercrombie & Fitch – 50% off in stores and online! Sale runs 7/3-7/8

American Eagle – All undies 10 for $30; 20% off AE & tailgate

Ann Taylor – 50% off your purchase with code JULY (end 7.3)

Anthropologie – 50% off sale items

Athleta – All swimwear will be 40% off and select other styles up to 40%

Banana Republic – Sale styles 50% off, women’s styles 40% off, men’s styles 30% off – 20% off $50, 25% off $75, 30% off $100 (7.3 – 7.7)

Barneys New York – Exclusive 20% off full-price and sale items with code BNYJULY (ends 7.3)

Bloomingdale’s  – 40-70% off a large selection of items – now through 7.7

Boden – Up to 60% off and 10% off full-priced items with code M9C9

Chinese Laundry – 50% off your second pair of shoes with code SAVE50

**Obsessed with these two pairs

Colleen Rothschild – 20% off sitewide with code FIREWORKS

DSW – 20% off and free beach bag with code YAYDAZE

Express – Up to 50% off everything

Forever 21 – Extra 70% off plus extra 40% off with code EXTRA40

Good American – Extra 25% off select sale items

Goodnight Macaroon – Extra 40% off flash sale with code JULY40

H&M – An additional 20% off sale items (7/4 and 7/5)

J.Crew 50% off sale styles with code BIGGEST

LOFT – Free shipping plus 60% off summer best styles; 0% off almost everything else with code HBDUSA

Macy’s – Up to 35-60% off select styles with code FOURTH (through 7/7)

Madewell – Enjoy 25% off summer must-haves with code FIREWORK (through 7/8)

NastyGal – 60% off everything

Neiman Marcus – Up to 75% off select womens styles; Up to 70% off men’s & accessories

Net-A-PorterUp to 80% off

Nordstrom Rack – Up to 70% off tees, totes, swim, sun and more

Old Navy – Up to 60% off everything (through 7/7)

Pottery Barn – 15% off $100 or more, 20% off $500 or more, 25% off $1,000 or more, 30% off $3,000 or more

QVC – Free shipping on everything through 7/6

Quay Australia – select styles 20% off with code MYFAVES

Saks Fifth Avenue – 10% off 1 item, 15% off 2 items, 20% off 3 items with code GETMORE

Target – 20% off women’s swimwear with code SWIM (now through 7/4)

Tory Burch – Up to 70% off when you take an extra 30% off with code EXTRA30

ULTA – Online only – summer sale all up to 50% off; Free shipping with any $35 purchase (ends 7/5)

Urban Outfitters – Take an extra 40% off all sale items

Wayfair – Up to 75% off outdoor, lighting, decor and more

West Elm – 20% off your entire purchase with code JULY4TH

Williams Sonoma – Up to 75% off Fourth of July week deals: cookware, bakeware, cutlery, electrics, homekeeping and outdoor; Extra 20% off clearance with code JULY

Happy Sunday friends! It’s officially summer which means swim suits and light airy clothes! Wanted to share some of my looks from this month with you! I’ve purchased so many swim suits for myself and my girls, and easy to throw on dresses from Walmart this month! Whether you are headed to the pool, or the beach, or rushing out the door for a dance recital this summer, Walmart is your go to place for all things fashion! I’m always busy and in a hurry and I absolutely love that Walmart has such a great selection if I quickly need to run in store. They also have free shipping over $35 online with loads and loads of merchandise! Some of my suits are from the everyday brands collection, and some are from the Lord & Taylor section online, and right now all of the “premium” brands are 20%.

Linking some of my favorite swim suits from the premium brands selection below:

Linking some of my favorite suits from the everyday brands selection:

Linking some of my favorite dresses:

So many great summer styles and such a great variety at Walmart! Hope you enjoyed this post and me showing you some of the amazing pieces I’ve picked up this month from one of my favorite places to shop!



*Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post. All items were purchased on my own, and all styling and opinions are my own*