Happy Memorial Day weekend to you all! This weekend is jam packed with loads of sales, but one in particular that you need to check out is the sale happening at Macy’s on bras, panties and sleepwear!! I am a girl that loves to feel good in the undergarments I’m wearing (can’t be too tight, can’t be itchy, can’t poke me among many other OCD things) and I must say, I am very impressed with my Calvin Klein sports bra and boy shorts! If you are looking for comfy items to lounge in at home these come highly recommended! For reference, I am a 32 D and wearing the size medium sports bra, and I am a size 5/27 and wearing the size small boy shorts.

Whether you are treating yourself to something new and cute this weekend, or perhaps shopping for a daughter/family member, this weekend you can get 25% off Calvin and DKNY! There is also a sale on the site where you can get 5 for $30 panties (you can mix and match across brands). You can also get an extra 20% off clearance lingerie, sleepwear, etc with code Memday. While the clothes we wear on the outside have to make us feel good, it’s also important that you feel good about whats underneath!

Here are some of the items on sale to check out! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



*Thank you Macy’s for partnering with me on this post. The merchandise was purchased on my own, and all opinions are my own.

Summer concert season is here y’all! Besides warm weather, fun concerts outdoors in the summer are what make summer in my opinion! I start adding tons of fun items to my closet that I can wear to summer festivals, like this kimono and bodysuit which will be worn on repeat this summer!

As most of you know, the Express X Rocky Barnes collection just hit stores this month and I’m obsessed! All of the pieces are so fun and boho which is totally my style! When I first saw this swiss dot kimono I for sure knew I needed to add this piece to my collection. The versatility alone sold me! You can wear over a bodysuit like I’m showing here, wear over a graphic tee, or even a bodycon dress!

There are so many amazing pieces of this collection to check out, and I’m tagging some of my faves below! Let me know which items you grab! You can use ring code 8138 for $25 Off $100 in-store and online. Terms and conditions apply, see link here to read.



**Thank you Express for partnering with me on this post. All opinions and styling is my own**

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “how do you afford all of those designer bags” or “where can I buy designer bags that aren’t brand new”. My designer handbag collection truthfully didn’t start until I turned 30 and since then, it’s become an obsession! It’s true what they say, once you have one you’ll want many more!

I started with the traditional Louis Vuitton GM. It is the perfect size bag if you work and need to pack a ton of stuff for the day. I walked in to the Louis Vuitton store so excited and bought this bag brand new while in Vegas! While that was fun and enjoyable and I’m so thankful for the memory, I am kind of slapping myself now that I know what I know about the eBay Authenticate program! Did you know that you can get brand new and gently used designer bags on eBay that have been authentically verified by industry experts?! They guarantee that any bag you buy through the eBay Authenticate program is legit the real deal! They stand behind this to the point that if it isn’t, and you catch it, they will give you DOUBLE your money back! Hearing this I was floored, and I honestly couldn’t wait to put it to the test myself.

Buying an authentic designer bag on eBay

At the RewardStyle conference back in the beginning of April, I stopped by the eBay booth to learn more about this Authenticate program only to fall in LOVE with a Fendi bag! Attaching the picture below – it was love at first sight. As the Ariana Grande song goes, “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it”! That is the reality of how things went down. The reps working the eBay booth informed me that this Fendi bag would be listed back on eBay once the conference was over, and I stalked it until I saw it (insert happy dance here).

The bag arrived in an elegant black box with a card verifying its authenticity! It was so beautifully packaged that I honestly felt as though I had ordered it from the Fendi website itself.

From order to arrival the process took about a week and could not have gone smoother!  I am over the moon about my bag, and I ended up saving about $1300 by purchasing it from the eBay Authenticate Program.

When I stopped by the eBay booth at the RewardStyle conference!

Selling an authentic designer bag on eBay

Perhaps you might be sitting on the opposite side of the fence right now where you have a ton of designer bags that you no longer want, and you have your eye on others you’d like instead! You can also SELL your designer bags on eBay too! All you have to do is start by listing the bag you wish to sell by selecting “Sell with eBay Authenticate”. You would then ship your bag to the team of experts to check over (at which time they will decide if it is truly an authenticate designer bag). Once they verify you literally do nothing! They photo it, they complete the listing and decide what it should priced at, and up the bag goes for sale! Something else super exciting is now until May 31, 2019, eBay is only taking 10% of the sale of authentic designer bags! That is such a great deal and huge savings!

Again, I absolutely LOVE my new Fendi bag! If you are in the market for a first time designer bag Louis Vuitton is definitely the best and easiet to track down in my opinion! I am loving this Louis Vuitton neverfull and it appears to be in such great shape! I also own this Louis Vuitton Bloomsbury bag and this I purchased used in the past and it has been one of my absolute favorites to carry!

Here are some of the other great quality bags under the Authenticate Program you should check out:

I hope you enjoyed this post and find yourself the perfect bag, or found it easier to start the process of selling one you no longer want!



*Thank you eBay for partnering with me on this post. All opinions are my own, and the Fendi bag was purchased on my own, not gifted. All other opinions of the buying process are indeed my own.

I hope you all are having a wonderful week! If you caught my stories earlier you know that I received the vivomove HR smartwatch from Garmin! They were also so gracious to send my kiddos the vivofit Jr. watches as well and my girls are honestly so obsessed! Garmin is running a huge sale right now where you can get $50 off vivomove HR through May 11th! You still have time to grab this for Mother’s Day so I want to chat with you a bit about the features and benefits of this watch.

One major perk of the vivomove HR watch is how sleek it is. Unlike other smart watches on the market, this one has a beautiful design with the fashionista in mind. This is so versatile and will literally go with every outfit. Another nice thing about this watch is that the digital portion only flashes when you move your wrist towards your face, or swipe through. If you just glanced at this watch you would never guess that it is actually a smartwatch packed full with features!

Showing here that you can read your texts on your watch!
Here it is showing my steps – to see this I flip the watch towards me and swipe! The hands will move out of the way any time the digitals are being used so you can always see the bottom portion. Once you are finished it will scroll back to the correct time.
Here you can see the face of the watch without the digitals showing! Such a nice classic looking watch, and very comfortable on the wrist!

Here are some of the features of my watch:

  • Notifications straight to the watch that vibrate (phone calls, text messages, items on your calendar etc).
  • Of course you can track your daily steps and all other health things! 24/7 heart rate² monitoring with elevate wrist heart rate technology
  • Battery life: up to 5 days in smart mode; up to 2 additional weeks in watch mode (hands tell time only)
  • Again, the sleek and classic design!
  • This watch starts at an affordable entry level price for a smartwatch at $199 and up.

Garmin was so kind to send these watches to my girls, and let me tell you, these have been GAME CHANGERS in my household. Where do I even begin?! For starters, the bands have princesses on them so its a win there. They are programed to an app I have on my phone and I made a profile for each kid. MY FAVORITE PART EVER – I can set chores for them, and little alarms to remind them to complete the tasks. For instance, Brecklyn’s chore list (my 4 year old) is to brush her teeth every A.M. and P.M. – make her bed, get dressed without mama asking, brush her hair, get her jammies on at night without mama asking, and also be in bed by 8. She is so excited to make sure and do these because if she does them I can check them “complete” and it gives her coins. I’ve set it up where after 30 coins earned she gets a prize. These watches also customize with their names, and track their sleep cycles! I am so amazed! I highly recommend these for kiddos!

If you are needing a last minute Mother’s Day gift or wanting to treat yourself, don’t miss out on the sale! I say treat yourself, you won’t regret it!



**Thank you to Garmin for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own**

It’s finally MAY!! Now Justin Timberlake can chill from all the memes and we can all finally plant flowers and hopefully see summer! Well, at least here in the midwest!

Wanted to share the top 10 best selling items from April! Thank you all SO MUCH for always shopping my links! It means the world to me and helps support my family and I am so grateful for you!

Lets count them down shall we!

10. Amazon Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Part of the top 10 list months in a row! These are under $20, SO ADORABLE on, and they actually work! Available for prime!

9. Genie Sandal: these designer dupes were a hit! They look like the real deal but a fraction of the cost! Make sure to size down!

8. Amazon Floral Button Down Maxi: this is clearly no maxi on me but this works for seriously everyone! I’ve seen many wearing as an open kimono! I did a size small – so many prints to choose from! $34.99 prime!

7. Amazon AC/DC Graphic Tee: this tee is under $10 and so cute! It’s always so hard finding inexpensive graphic tees! You can grab this one in a few different colors/styles. I am wearing the size small – size up if in between sizes!

6. Amazon White Eyelet Swim Cover Up: this has been a hit month after month. You can rock this as a top or wear as a swim coverup! One size available, under $20 PRIME!

5. Target Camo Jacket: this camo jacket is a must have if you haven’t already snagged one! So perfect for spring! I am wearing the size small! $34.99

4. Amazon Floral Ruffle Dress: this adorable dress was a sit when I tried this on mid month on my stories. Many prints/colors available, I am wearing the size 4/6 and it is available $18.99 PRIME!

3. Amazon 90 Degree by Reflex Yoga Leggings: THESE ARE AMAZING!! I picked up my first pair after seeing all the reviews that they fit just like Lululemon! They do!! I loved this pair with the side pockets because when chasing kiddos it’s nice to have a spot for your phone! You can also grab just the basic pair with no pocket. Available in loads of colors! I am usually a size 5/27 and did a size small!

2. Amazon Designer Dupe Sunglasses: no surprise here that these are top sellers! These are a dupe of my Gucci shades – and boy do they look identical. These are available in multiple colors and they are $12.99

  1. Amazon Ear Climbers: of course there is no double in my mind that these scored as the #1 spot!! You all love these and I can see why! They are a designer dupe, and so well made! They come in silver, rose and gold! $12.95 PRIME

Thanks again for making April a fun month! I enjoy connecting with each of you and helping you find the cutest things!